I just found this on another blog… I know there is quite a bit of debate about where he stands in his Christianity… but he has some good things to say here… i also think that he is one of the few celebrities to actually take his position in society seriously…

Bono’s NAACP Speech


rail-a-vents and other things

I just read this post at about the relevance of the gospel.   What it made  me start thinking about is how the methods that we use to spread the gospel should flow directly from what we believe about the gospel.  If we believe that Christ died to save people from all nations, then we should go to all nations.  If we don’t go to all nations, but just stick with the people that look and think like us, then we probably don’t really believe that.

Anyway.  I realized just now that I’m writing on this blog like people actually read it.  Maybe they will one day.  For now, i’ll just pretend.