the light shines in the darkness…

pisew falls
One of the coolest things about living in Northern Canada is that today is April 24, its 10:00 PM… and its still dusk. From what we hear, in June, the sun won’t go down until nearly midnight, and even when it does, its still dusk, until morning. Now if we can just get all this snow melted….


2 thoughts on “the light shines in the darkness…

  1. haha your comment was… funny I guess is the word. I was thinking about our freshman year group of friends the other day, and just my freshman year in general. For me, that entire year is almost surreal. I haven’t relived any of those things we did enough. Like I know I threw up over the bridge in greenville, and I know we did freaking everything together that year, and I remember tons of details about what we did. But none of it seems real. I don’t know what happened. I don’t remember deciding not to return to NGC, I don’t remember ever telling you guys why I wasn’t coming back, or anything. I just remember all of a sudden being back in Greenwood like no freshman year had ever happened. after being such good friends for a year, we all have seperate lives and marriages and whatnot, it just blows my mind. do the three of you hate me? did you ever hate me and now its just.. whatever? I have no idea. I don’t remember ever trying or wanting to figure that out… just an odd time in my life.

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