A list of things.

  1. 40 hours in the car will make one’s butt hurt
  2. Northern Canada is really nice in the summer.
  3. I’m increasingly disappointed by the lack of compassion the church has for sinners.
  4. The devil wants you to bypass the Rapture.
  5. The Kingdom of God should be a present reality in the world; through the love and compassion that Christians have for the lost and dying world.
  6. Prince Caspian was one of the greatest films I’ve ever seen, regardless of the creative license the filmmakers took.
  7. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was also a good movie.  Nowhere near as good as The Last Crusade.
  8. I think that Obama will make a good president regardless of his age or lack of experience.  America doesn’t need a veteran politician.  We need something different.
  9. Its good to spend time with old friends.  In reality, I don’t think someone is an “old friend” until you’ve known them for 15 years or so.
  10. Its good to spend time with young friends.
  11. I really love my wife.  She’s beautiful.
  12. Thats all.

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