Jesus for President, Heaven on earth, and 40 hour drives…

This may seem to contradict my previous post, but it really doesn’t.  I just finished reading Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw.  And I’ve decided to drop my vote for Obama and vote for Jesus instead.

Seriously though, though I am convinced that Obama will make a great president, I don’t believe that Obama will be our savior.  He won’t solve all of the world’s problems, though some are convinced that he will.  He’s a politician.  Though I’m convinced that he is a different sort of politician than we’re used to, he’s still a politician.  And the leader of a nation.  And as a Christian, my national identity is of little importance.

Thats one of the points that Claiborne and Haw make in JforP.   “Being born again radically dissolves affection for national borders,” or at least it should.  I think that President Obama will do a lot of good for our nation, and a lot of good for the world.

And I am fortunate to have American citizenship and the freedoms that come along with it.  But when it comes down to it, my citizenship is in heaven.  Not the U.S.  I have brothers and sisters here in Canada with me.  I have brothers and sisters back home in the U.S.  I have brothers and sisters in Mexico.  I have brothers and sisters who are Mexicans illegally in the U.S.  I have Palestinian brothers and sisters.  I have Iraqi brothers and sisters.  I have Chinese brothers and sisters.  I have North Korean brothers and sisters.  And all those who are my “brothers and sisters,” are made in God’s image and have the opportunity to be a part of his family.  But if we keep killing their “brothers and sisters” in the name of the American Jesus, why would they want this Jesus?

In reality, Jesus isn’t an American.  He is the head of a new kingdom.  The only nation that is actually sovereign.  The Kingdom of God.  And one day, it will come on earth, as it is in heaven.  Thats what we look forward to as Christians.  The day when all things will be made right.

And if the King has already come, why are we still clinging to our former nations?  I may be planning to vote for Obama, but in reality, Jesus is my president.

And, tomorrow, Leah and I are leaving to go home for Leah’s brother Adam’s wedding.  Another 35 hour drive.  And then I’ll be heading back all by myself to live for 2 weeks without my beautiful wife.  I’m gonna miss her a lot.


One thought on “Jesus for President, Heaven on earth, and 40 hour drives…

  1. It makes my heart happy to read this.

    I’m hoping to get together a band of brothers and sisters to write in “Jesus of Nazareth” in November.

    And I’m with you, I like Obama a lot. I voted for him in the SC primary this past February. But more and more I am finding that when I find my identity in Christ, my identity as an American falls away. I am a member of a transnational family, a family that is inherently at odds with nations created by borders and swords.

    My family does not enact its will through force, but rather through service, through the Spirit, through the laying down of our lives for others.

    We are a family of resident aliens who, though seeking a homeland, acknowledge that we are strangers and exiles on this earth; we desire a better country, but know that country is a heavenly one, and as such are looking forward to a city that has true foundations, whose designer and builder is God.

    I love that thought. So revolutionary, so subversive… and lifted straight from Scripture.

    How have we been quoting Hebrews 11 all these years and still missing that??

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