Ghandi vs. Jesus

Brandon Rhodes at Jesus Manifesto wrote a great article about Ghandi’s famous quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

His point is that Ghandi’s quote is best reworded to say, “Be the change God will eventually make in the world.”  Right now we’re stuck in a time where the Age to Come and the Present Evil Age are overlapping, but as followers of Christ, we’re supposed to be living as if we’re in the Age to Come.

This provides a massive, and massively underused, narrative apologetic for Christian nonviolence.  We are to be nonviolent because the truly human being, Jesus our King, was — yes, true enough. And we are to be nonviolent because it doesn’t get the world much of anywhere — sure.  Oh, and yes, we should be nonviolent because God loves his enemies — Jesus used that one! But all of these can and should snap nicely into place within this bigger framework of the passing darkness of the evil age, and the inbreaking light of the Age to Come given us by Jesus.  We are peaceful because the age of shalom is here.  The dread weapon of the old age, Death, is beat.  Why live on its terms any longer?  The day is here.  “Come, O House of Israel, let us walk in the light of the Lord.”

Check out his article, its good stuff.

It makes me think of this lyric from Derek Webb’s “A Love thats Stronger than our Fear”

there is a day that’s been inaugurated but has not yet come
that we can proclaim by showing that there’s a better way


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