God hates Canada

So apparently Fred Phelps and his Westbouro Baptist Church is planning to picket the funeral of the guy who was brutally murdered on a Greyhound bus last week.  In case you didn’t hear about it, on the late night bus from Edmonton, Alberta to Winnipeg, Manitoba, a 22 year old man on his way home was stabbed to death and then beheaded in an act of random violence.  The bus had 37 people on board.  It was really tragic and disturbing.  The family of the victim didn’t know that it was their loved one who was the victim until a reporter came to their door nearly 24 hours later.  The police delayed telling them for some reason.

So Fred Phelps and his church think that it is their God-given duty to make it even harder for the family and friends of this guy.  Honestly, I’m tired of this church and their brutal, uncompassionate ways.  It is an embarrassment, to say the least.  Its one thing to speak out against unrighteousness and oppression.  Its a completely different thing to pick on those who are most oppressed in the name of Christ.  Where is the hope that the New Testament so passionately speaks of?? Where is the salvation that Christ offered on the cross?? Where is the love that we are supposed to have for our neighbors??


3 thoughts on “God hates Canada

  1. I wrote today about this very thing. Honestly, where is love in all of this? It saddens me to think that because this “church” is thrusted into the public eye, they are what some people believe to BE the church.. I’m tierd off them as well.

    I sincerely hope something is done to prevent them from attending… a flat tire, boarder police… or a small mob. Anything.

  2. I think I see your problem: when you reference Westboro, you capitalise “God” and don’t put “church” in quotes.

    The reason these people aren’t displaying Jesus to a dying world is because, sadly, they’ve never met him. I think you’d agree.

    Debating theology with them is a fruitless endeavor, because their theology is airtight. Because they’re crazy.

    To borrow from Chesterton, you can’t convince a crazy man that he’s not Jesus because if you deny that the man is divine, you’re doing precisely what the world did to Jesus. You can’t convince a crazy man that a random person walking down the street isn’t a government agent after him, because if a government agent really were after him, all involved parties would deny it.

    The problem with Westboro is not their reasoning, per se, because one can support almost anything from the Bible; the problem is their heads and their god are locked in such a small box that everything else suffocates.

    If the Church must live with these folks, I think the best way to do so is to show up at their protests and do damage control — to mourn with those who mourn and show them that God mourns with them, as well. And to be gracious and kind and loving to the Westboro people, despite all our desires to play batting practice with their heads.

    That was way, way too long. And probably a bit arrogant-sounding. Sorry.

  3. Dude I’m so with you!
    This kind of behavior seems like a non-violent way of terrorism!
    Jesus told us to love God and our neighbours… i don’t see much of anything from Westboro!
    And the tougher part is that i still have to love these people somehow!

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