Apes, Bikes, and PhD’s

It’s sunday morning, I haven’t posted anything meaningful in a while… right now the tea kettle is screaming at me, i’m watching Escape From the Planet of the Apes on AMC, and I’m about to head to church early to get things set up for leah and I to lead worship.

We broke down and bought ourselves bikes. To use less gas getting to work (without having to walk). To get in some exercise. So that we’ll be able to register and insure our car as a “pleasure” vehicle as opposed to an “all-purpose” vehicle and therefore save $50 a month on insurance.

Because I moved away and couldn’t finish up my two classes at North Greenville by correspondence, I’m finishing up my degree through the Liberty DLP. What sucks is that my Hermeneutics class at NGC transfered in as that at Liberty, but Hermeneutics is an upper level class at Liberty. So I’m taking this required class called “Inductive Bible Study.” Which is basically the same as Hermeneutics at NGC. I’m basically doing the same assignments that I did in Dr. Murray’s class a few years ago. But, I’ll finally be done in may.

I’m considering different options for Graduate school… I’m thinking I may go a head and try to do the MDiv through Liberty’s DLP, because I can’t find another one with a decent long distance/online program.

After that, I’m considering getting a ThM so that I might be able to get a teaching gig while I work on a PhD… maybe those are all just pipe dreams, but I’ve really been thinking hard about going all the way… I’ve got a few years to figure out how and where I’ll cross those bridges…


3 thoughts on “Apes, Bikes, and PhD’s

  1. Hey!

    Back from vacation now and missing it already!

    We should get together for coffee soon… Good move on the bikes, I was also pondering getting one myself! Anyways, just to say ‘I don’t have to talk to you… people who ride bikes are usually ________’… peace!

  2. The siren’s call of post-graduate work has captured me as well… Jon Rooks is working on his mDiv through Liberty’s DLP and likes it a lot. I’m pretty set on getting my PhD, I just have to decide where from. I’m thinking maybe Trinity, or Ox-bridge, or maybe St. Andrews, there’s just too many options!

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