I’ll give you three guesses what this post is about…

Thats not all it is about… I have a really busy week, but I thought I would give a few quick links/comments to think about for the remainder of election day and the following days.

First, you should check out my beautiful wife’s most recent post about the necessity of community.  She also includes a few nuggets of wisdom about the purpose/misuse of blogging:

I also refuse to use this blog as a daily journal or face book status/twitter “today I ran a marathon”, “I am eating pie” or”my life is completely focused on my political affiliation”

I wish I were eating pie right now.

Also, check out a few thoughts on the election from John Piper.

Also, Andrew Lewis offers a few passages of scripture that should be kept in mind through this election.

Finally, Derek Webb, as usual, has some good things to say in his column in Patrol Mag.

Real and lasting change comes from knowing and loving the folks who live in the houses that sit next to ours rather than saving all of our longing and hope for the voting booth.

And this:

These matters of conscience are serious and should be considered at great length. I have many friends who have considered the issues of this current election in all their nuances and have chosen to vote for either Obama, McCain, or a 3rd party candidate, and I support them in doing so. Again, we are diverse members of one body in our following of Jesus. It would be suspicious if we all reached identical conclusions to such complex problems. So again, maybe there is no conflict of conscience for you in this election. By all means vote. But if there is, be at liberty not to vote.

Our ultimate hope is not in politicians or powers or governments, but in a day coming when all things will be made right. And our ultimate concern isn’t success but faithfulness. So if you find it necessary to abstain from voting in this election because to do so would be a violation of your conscience, be at liberty to remain faithful and leave the worry of success or outcome to God. He, after all, created governments in the first place.


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