christmastime is… gone…

After the song that my wife and I wrote about her Calvinism and all, and the subsequent fame that it entitled us with, I’m beginning to fear that it will all be in vain if I do not keep up with something interesting to the internet audience.  I have had quite a few more views on my blog in the past few days than I normally have… I’ve been terribly busy in the past month or so… and now my wife and I are away from our northern abode in Thompson, Manitoba in order to visit friends and family in Western NC and Upstate SC.

With that being said, whether you are an old friend or someone who randomly stumbled upon my blog, you may be wondering a little more about me.  My buddy, Andrew Pritchett, was commissioned to write my biography a few weeks ago.  You really should check it out.  I’m unsure who was actually doing the commissioning, though.

If you want the slightly less exaggerated version, then you should read my about page.

Hopefully my wife and I will have some time to get another song together that will sweep the internet by storm.  For now, everyone have a happy new year.


5 thoughts on “christmastime is… gone…

  1. Commissioner Gordon has moved away from Gotham to Greenville, and he joined one of the local Baptist churches. He felt a burden for your story to reach whomever, and so he led a commissioning service for me to write your biography.

    It was all incredibly literal, just like all those word studies in the original Greek.

  2. I am delighted to have found you, as I am a Canadian hanging out with youth in Georgia. And also I love Charles Spurgeon, although not more than my husband – I swear.

  3. I’ve wondered for years if there was a Cherokee Standard Version of the Bible. Now I have it on indescribable authority. The song is now making the rounds with them Baptists in Texas. It’s probably a good thing they don’t know how big Canada is…

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