apparently my calvinist wife and I should have hired an editor…

So a few weeks ago Leah and I were excited over the fact that more than 500 people had viewed our video on Youtube… now more than 13 thousand people have viewed it.  I’m pretty sure that I could show up to nearly any seminary and be immediately recognized as the guy with the Calvinist wife.  Maybe I’m a bit overconfident, but it seems to be getting that way.

So my wife and I definitely lean towards reformed theology in our limited understanding thereof.  However, when writing the song, we meant it completely lightheartedly.  It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously… I’ve been to many of the blogs and read many of the commenters who seem to understand this:

“TOTALLY” awesome! Obviously your wife is “UNCONDITIONAL” in her love! Though “LIMITED” in its audience appeal, the video is “IRRESISTIBLE” to those for whom it is intended. Keep on “PERSEVERING” in your song writing!

HA – that’s wet your pants funny! …could add a line “I Think My Wifes a Reformed Baptist, about to get Booted from the SBC” )

thanks for posting this 🙂
This is priceless! I almost spewed a full mouthful of coffee onto my comp at the line “she likes Spurgeon more than me”! LOL
Well done!

i love it.
can you really get a John Piper tattoo??? please? mostly just for my entertainment, of course 🙂

A Methodist youth group came in my store as soon as this video was over. I spoke in tongues to them, and they all got saved.

The previous commenters seem to understand.  Some of them are Calvinists.  Some of them are not.  But they all thought it was funny.  But, there are always those who think they need to point out everything that was wrong with the song:

Hahaha… that’s SOoooo funny. I laughed and laughed and laughed. The only Greek to that sentence though would be “ego” and it’s redundant )

Ok, I prefer the ESV but I also like NLT. Found that in Beth Moore Bible Studies it just isn’t deep enough theologically while others talk about how deep it is. I prefer Erickson’s systematic theology not Grudems. That doesn’t make me a Calvinist.

I’m actually a Calvinist and I cringed at the John Piper reference. He’s great but he’s becoming nearly a pope for 5-pointers so its sad but true.

so funny because its so true!!!! well, except for the tattoo, maybe a fake one??

In Islam, we take predestination to the next logical step: strict fatalism. Perhaps good Calvinists can learn from The Prophet Mohammed, PBUH (peace be upon him).

Its a joke, peeps… accept that and laugh at it or leave it alone… I do appreciate the internet fame that I have gained because of this song…

But, I have a few thoughts about our next hit single… I’m heading back to northern Manitoba at the end of this week and then I have a pastor’s conference at the beginning of next week, so at the end of next week, start looking for our next hit single, “The Best Life… NOW.”


14 thoughts on “apparently my calvinist wife and I should have hired an editor…

  1. Most of us get the joke. It is so hilarious that I tracked you down by following the viral video through the blogs that got it from other blogs.

    The first time I heard it, I almost peed myself.

    I especially like the “limited atonement” reference at the end. You are so lucky that your wife is a Five-Pointer… Four-Points and you’d have to constantly worry that her election might not be monogomous! 😛

    This song serves as a thermometer for how big of a theology geek you are. I laugh hysterically everytime I play it and most people just kind of grin and humor me.

    Keep up the great work! This was really clever. Keep it as is. (I’m in the process of writing down your chord progressions from the video!)

    Mike, A confessional Lutheran layman

  2. that was pretty brilliant. i played it for my fiancee, and we both went in to fits of laughter. i must say, you’ve pegged a lot of people fairly well here, and the medium you use definitely conveys the great sense of satire and sarcasm you have. i’m looking forward to “best life…now!” Jesus bless you, bro.

  3. As a resident of Minneapolis, I found the John Piper comments extremely funny and very appropriate. I think the whole song was done in a spirit of good clean fun.

  4. I thought this was brilliant as well. You got picked up by the right blogs and this became a great sensation. I do look forward to the next one. This and “All Things are Better in Koine” have made my last month.

  5. I saw your video and the negative comments are unnecessary. Although, being a Calvinist (though I prefer the label Reformed Baptist if I need to be labeled), I do love the ESV and John Piper. Pretty much the whole song pegged me to some degree- though my wife is not the Calvinist- she might sing that song about me.

    Cool song and I am going to save the feed to your site. Have fun in Canada, stay warm!

  6. For the record, I am a Calvinist (though not Reformed necessarily) Baptist Pastor and that my friend is maybe the funniest thing I have experienced on Youtube… well, Techno Viking runs a close second. I don’t know how you can have a ‘limited’ knowledge of Reformed (I prefer Calvinistic) Theology and then write that nearly inspired song. This is not a joke: I was at a Pastor’s Conference this weekend and literally told my senior Pastor that the ESV Study Bible is to Calvinists what the KJV is to the KJV Only people! That was awesome. You nailed it brother! I have to go (this too is not a joke) and listen to the lecture recording from my Reformation Church History Seminary Class!!! Great work and thanks for the huge laugh… be blessed and get to work reading Calvin’s Institutes… it should make the sequel song.
    Pastor Johnnie

  7. Brandon,

    So, I was forwarded a link to your song months ago, got a chuckle out of it, and moved on. The other day, yet another friend fwd’d it to me and I noticed the link to your other vids and your blog.

    I just wanted to give a shout-out from the less-frozen tundra of Vermont. I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff, like your music (kudos on the BTLoG stuff!), and imagine that my family would enjoy chatting with yours over a meal.

    So, consider this a word of encouragement from a random brother in Christ. May God continue to bless your ministry and your marriage… And may you get your own ESV or Grudem’s Systematic soon. 😉

    In Christ alone, Brian (aka Dluxe)

  8. Hey man, they’ve been laughing recently again at Southeastern Seminary about your video. I heard about it in the facilities shop where I work. My wife and I are from Clinton, South Carolina, but she’s not a Calvinist! Thanks for the laugh,
    Gene Brooks

  9. …thought I might say it brought a few smiles here. (submitted my previous post by accident before I wrote anything!)

    Although I’ve never read a word of John Piper and I have no idea whose Theological Treatise you sang about, I think your wife is worthy of you buying the set of Calvin’s Commentaries for a birthday present. I’ve found them life changing, but especially Calvin’s sermons.

    May everyone be a “calvinist!” Thanks!

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