So, I took the belief-o-matic test at Beliefnet and the results were interesting…

1. Seventh Day Adventist (100%)
2. Orthodox Quaker (95%)
3. Eastern Orthodox (93%)
4. Roman Catholic (93%)
5. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (89%)
6. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (80%)
7. Liberal Quakers (62%)
8. Hinduism (58%)
9. Unitarian Universalism (51%)
10. Orthodox Judaism (48%)

Apparently I would fit in better with the adventists, quakers and orthodox than I do with the baptists…

Anyway, try it out and let me know your results


7 thoughts on “belief-o-matic

  1. You truly are all things to all people. Except Jews and Unitarian Universalists. I guess you’re just some things to them.

    I’m interested in this test. I’m going to take it now.

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  3. 1. Mainline2Conservative Xtian/Protestant (100%)
    2. Eastern Orthodox (87%)
    3. Orthodox Quaker (87%)
    4. Roman Catholic (87%)
    5. Seventh Day Adventist (86%)

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