So a few weeks ago, Leah and I bought a canoe.  Its pretty low-end, but it gets the job done.  Anyway, we went out a few weeks ago on Ospwagon Lake to try it out.  That was the second week of June just after the ice had all melted.

Last night I went out at about 9 o clock and paddled about four and a half miles around the same lake.  One of the great things about living up here is that the sun literally sets for hours and hours during the summer.  And then it comes back up almost immediately.  Anyway, the first pictures are from a few weeks ago, and the rest are from last night.


3 thoughts on “canoeing…

  1. Did you fish or just cruise? well I hope canada is treating you good…. by the way my name is this is timmy from the Mtns of NC in waynesville a.k.a pastor of sudent ministries at Woodland baptist…. any way we have met once or twice.. i enjoy you blog.

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