a new start

I’ve been through a lot of major life changes over the past few months. Mistakes have caught up with me. Life has caught up with me. But this is a new year, a new chance to do things right.

So I will start with this. I’m sure no one will really care. But I plan to make this my place to share what happens. Here are some things that I am planning that I want to write about:

>I’m planning to train for a 5-k.
>I’m planning to buy some chickens and raise and slaughter them.
>I’m still working on a masters degree.
>my wife and I are planning to play more music… and to play more gigs.

Anyway, if you are interested at all, check this blog out. I’m going to write it even if you don’t read it, so you might as well.


3 thoughts on “a new start

  1. I’ve had this list of websites saved in a draft email for years. I used to add to it when I shared a computer with my family. Now that I have my own I have favorite folders and icon links. Anyway, for some reason I opened the draft and your blog was near the bottom of my list: not sure why, but why not?

    Cheers to making my cool website draft email (which I hadn’t modified since 08)!! Sometime, at least 3 years ago, you wrote something that impressed me, and now, I’m back! Save some chicken for me to slaughter!!

  2. I had this blog saved in my “狗屁 I don’t want to read” bookmark folder and randomly checked it
    glad you’re updating me on your life
    I miss your life. I have one now too. Maybe we can share. Like a “sista sista” switch sceme.

    I’m going to be raising chickens too. I’ve got my coop up, but it’s missing a roof. I’m starting to think about pigs too. Not in a daydreaming way, but more of a “hey let’s raise them too” way. You got a pig guy? Not a guy that looks like a pig, but more of a guy who farms them.

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